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Good Hero Doctor Bad ER Doctor

July 23, 2019

This week Tina and Q tell the fascinating story of how an ER doctor in Canada was able to fool DNA testing for years. Dr. John Schneeberger was a doctor in a small province where he was idolized by the community. So when he was accused of sedating and sexually assaulting a patient no one believed his accuser...not even the DNA tests were on her side. They also tell about a patient who was arrested for go outside the hospital with an IV pole and a doctor who is the CNN hero of the year.

Placeholder for content Tina promised you but hasn't given me to publish to the website...enjoy! ;)

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Was it a murder, a mistake, or a mercy killing? From the 911 call and emergency room to the forensic report and verdict, hear every intriguing detail from the perspective of a registered nurse with a flare for murder mystery sprinkled with some light-hearted humor and medical insights.


But Good Nurse Bad Nurse is more than just a true crime podcast about killers in scrubs! Each episode starts with a relevant in the news segment and ends with an uplifting, heart-warming story of medical professionals being the heroes they really are.

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