Good Walt Whitman Nurse Bad British Serial Killer Nurse

January 6, 2020

This week Tina is joined by Tiffany, a former co-worker and case manager. They share the story of Mary Cotton, a British nurse from the late 1800's who many call the most prolific serial killer in British history. They open the show with a bewildering story of a nurse impostor. In the wrap up, Tina is genuinely shocked and excited to learn that Walt Whitman was a nurse!

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Good Original Nurse Blake Bad Nurse DNA

December 31, 2019

(Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault) Tina is joined by Sydney, a fan of Good Nurse Bad Nurse and nursing student who has a popular Instagram page that chronicles her journey through nursing school. Listen as they tell the unsettling story of Gary Hartman, a nurse recently arrested for the sexual assault and murder of an eleven year old girl in 1986. They open the show with a news story about a doctor who has been charged with 25 counts of murder for ordering excessive amounts of pain medication to patients at end of life. They close with a story about Florence Guinness Blake a.k.a. the original "Nurse Blake". Show Notes

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December 24, 2019

Tina is joined this week by a passionate listener of the show, Alec Falicki, a CNA currently pursuing his nursing degree. The show opens with a discussion about how Chipotle Mexican Grill has hired nurses to field calls for workers who call in "sick" to work. Next is the gruesome tale of Dr. Robert Neulander, a prominent and highly-respected OB GYN doctor accused of killing his wife in their home and the bewildering trail of blood found at the scene. The show closes with a bizarre court story where the defendant, also an OB GYN doctor and former member of a popular punk band known as "Offspring", saves the life of one of the jurors right there in the court room! Show Notes

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Good Dorothea Dix Bad Surgical Nurse

December 17, 2019

This week Tina and Allison tell the shocking and tragic story of Mary Lemak, a surgical nurse who was a devoted mother of three children and married to an emergency room doctor. Her life seemed perfect up until the very end when everything went horribly wrong. Tina and Allison talk at the beginning of the show about a man who was handcuffed and left outside for police to pick him up at a mental health facility. They close the show with the story of Dorothea Dix, a nurse who advocated for the indigent and mentally ill. Show Notes

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Good Samaritan Nurse Bad Pediatric Nurse

December 10, 2019

This week Tina is joined by friend and fellow podcaster Christine from Antidotes Podcast: Stories in Medicine. Together they tell the terribly sad story of pediatric nurse Kelly Ripstra. Kelly was a nurse at Texas Children's Hospital when her daughter Rachel was born. A few short years later Kelly is being accused of unthinkable crimes against her daughter. They start off the show with a news story about a nurse practitioner in Alaska being charged in the deaths of several patients who overdosed on narcotics prescribed by her. They close out the show with a heart warming story of a nurse on her way to family Thanksgiving dinner who saved a man's life.

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Good Labor and Delivery Nurse Bad Labor and Delivery Nurse

December 2, 2019

This week Tina is joined by MaKenzie, a labor and delivery nurse! Tina is excited to finally have an L&D nurse on the show! They go all the way back to 1975 for the bad nurse and tell the awful story of a labor and delivery nurse who did unthinkable acts to 'have a baby' in order to keep her boyfriend! They start off the show talking about the nurse whose twin sister posted a picture of her on social media that went viral. They close out the show with a sweet and inspiring story about a nurse who not only delivers babies, but also was a surrogate mother multiple times!


Good Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Bad Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

November 25, 2019

This week Tina is joined by critical care nurse and social media influencer Isabel of the nurse_isaa Instagram page. Tina and Isabel tell the story of a doctor who's wife went missing on New Year's Eve. They also talk about an ER doctor who didn't give up on a young man who had spent several hours in the freezing cold and who didn't even have a pulse when he was found. They open the show by talking about Nike's new doctor/nurse shoes!


Good Missionary Nurse Bad Suicidal Nurse

November 18, 2019

This week Tina is joined by nurse manager Allison again. After talking about a nurse who helped a homeless man who needed a heart transplant, they encourage everyone listening to take a selfie with their driver's license and post it on Instagram and/or Facebook with the hashtags #showmeyourheart and #goodnursebadnurse. The bad nurse story revolves around suicide so if that is a trigger for anyone, please consider sitting this one out. This story is so heartbreaking and unbelievable. It starts out in Canada with a young college student and ends up going all the way around the world. They end the story with a listener suggestion of a good nurse who does missionary work.


Good Scottish Nurse Bad German Nurse

November 11, 2019

You all have been asking for her and she's back! Gemma from the Which Murderer podcast returns to tell the story of German nurse, Niels Hogel, who killed more than 85 people before being caught. You won't believe the details of this horribly tragic story that went on for over 5 years! They start off the show discussing violence against hospital staff and close the show with an inspiring story of a nurse from Scotland.


Good Cardiothoracic Surgeon Bad Cardiothoracic Surgeon

November 4, 2019

This week Tina is joined by Hugh, a cardiovascular nurse and adviser to his state's student nurse association. Tina and Hugh discuss the murder of a cardiothoracic surgeon's wife. Was this doctor wrongfully accused or did he outwit investigators? They open the show with updates on the RaDonda Vaught case, the former Vandy nurse who is being criminally charged for a med error. The show ends with a heart-warming story of a good cardiovascular surgeon.


Good NICU Nurses Bad Haunted Hospital

October 28, 2019

In this special Halloween episode, Tina and Q explore the creepy and disturbing story of the Metropolitan State Hospital in Boston, also known as "the hospital of the seven teeth"! They start out the show talking about sexy nurse uniforms and whether or not they are disrespectful to the nursing profession. They close the show with a fun discussion about NICU nurses who dress up their babies every Halloween.


Good ER Nurse Bad Critical Care Nurse

October 21, 2019

This week Tina is joined in studio by her entire IT department (aka. her husband, Mark) as they tell the horrific story of the Richmond Hill Murders. They also discuss the impacts of nursing on home life. They close out the show with an inspiring story of an ER nurse who's research project literally rescued 17 victims of sex trafficking and is now being used in hospitals all over the country.


Good CNN Hero Nurse Bad Nurse

October 14, 2019

Happy case management week to all you case managers out there! This week Tina is joined by former case manager and entrepreneur Deanna who helps tell the story of a nurse who was accused of helping her long-time boyfriend cover up a murder. Could she have possibly had more to do with it than she is saying? They also discuss another nurse chosen as CNN's hero of the year. They open the show with a story of a hospital accused of "patient dumping".


Good Rehab Nurse Bad Hospital Murders

October 7, 2019

This week Tina and Q tell the story of the Ann Arbor Hospital murders. They also discuss a story of a nurse who saved a young boy's life after witnessing a car accident while at work. To open the show they talk about a patient who died in a hospital, because his nurse mistakenly told other staff members he was a DNR.


Good Organ Donor Nurse Bad Angel of Death Elizabeth Wettlaufer

September 30, 2019

This week Tina is joined once again by nurse manager Allison. Together they discuss Good Nurse Bad Nurse's most requested story...the story of Canadian nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer who is now considered Canada's most prolific serial killer. They also talk about a recent case where a judge ruled a jail nurse can be held liable for the death of an inmate and a nurse who literally sacrificed a part of herself to save the life of a complete stranger.


Good Psychiatrist Bad Psychiatrist

September 23, 2019

Tina is joined again by Nurse Manager Allison. Together they tell the story of psychiatrist Pamela Buckbinder who is accused of using her knowledge and expertise as a psychiatrist to have her ex-boyfriend and father of her child murdered. They also tell the inspiring story of a psychiatrist in Hawaii who goes where his patients are in the streets to deliver mental healthcare to those in need. To open the show they discuss an article that shows many hospital patients feel like "lepers" when placed in isolation.


Good Celebrity Doctor Bad Celebrity Doctor

September 16, 2019

This week Tina and Q are celebrating the 50th episode of Good Nurse Bad Nurse by telling the story of Michael Jackson and the doctor who was brought to trial for his death. They also tell you the story of Dr. Mike, Instagram's "hottest doctor", who proved he was more than just a pretty face when an emergency happened while flying overseas.


Good Nurse on Social Media Another Bad Doctor

September 10, 2019

This week Tina is joined by Joshua Strickland, the nurse who posted a picture of himself at work on a popular social media group and was ultimately fired from his job for it. Listen as Josh tells the story of exactly what happened. They also discuss PTSD after performing CPR. And of course they have a bad doctor story....Dr. Albert Lambert was a doctor from Florida who just could not tolerate having to give his ex-wife alimony and child support. He told the judge he would rather be in jail or on the run than pay the money to his ex-wife....as it turns out...he wasn't lying.


Good Murse Bad Murse

September 3, 2019

This week Tina and Q discuss the disturbing case of Grant Amato. Amato was a nurse in Florida who racked up $200,000 in debt in an online relationship with a cam girl from Bulgaria. This was just the start of a senseless and sad set of events that would lead to him standing trial for the murder of his family. They also discuss the nurse who was fired for refusing to participate in an elective abortion. The good nurse story is about a critical care nurse who ran toward fiery flames to save a woman in a trapped vehicle.


Good LPN Bad Critical Care Nurse

August 26, 2019

This week Tina and Q tell you about Kathy Augustine, a Republican state senator from Nevada who married the critical care nurse who cared for her late husband and who also ended up dying a mysterious death. They also tell you about an LPN in Maryland whose selfless act of bravery saved the life of a man in a very scary situation.


Good Spy Nurse Bad Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

August 19, 2019

This week Tina is joined by nurse manager Allison. They get you caught up on the RaDonda Vaught case (former Vanderbilt nurse). Then they tell you the story of pediatric nurse practitioner, Michelle Michael...who was accused of murdering her husband. They close out the episode with a truly inspirational story about a Jewish nurse from France who spoke fluent German and was a spy in the second World War.


Another Good ER Nurse Bad Angel of Death

August 12, 2019

The week Tina and Q travel back to the late 1800s to discuss the disturbing story of Jane Toppan. Jane never actually graduated from nursing school, but that didn't stop her from pursuing her dream of becoming the most prolific serial killer of all time. The also discuss hospital sign-on bonuses. They close out the show with a heroic tale of a nurse in Great Britain who risked her life to get patients out of the path of a man attempting to stab anyone he could.


Good Occupational Therapist Bad Occupational Therapist

August 5, 2019

This week Tina and Q tell you about an occupational therapist who shot her ex-boyfriend when he attempted to break in to her apartment. However, when police began investigating it appeared there may have been more to the story than she was telling. They close out the episode with several small stories of occupational therapists who made a difference in people's lives.


Good Respiratory Therapist Bad Respiratory Therapist

July 30, 2019

This week Tina and Q are highlighting Respiratory Therapists! These amazing healthcare professionals are the A and B of the ABCs! Tina and Q will discuss how much nurses rely on them for their knowledge and expertise of the respiratory system. They will tell the story of a "bad respiratory therapist" who was accused of an unspeakable crime against his wife. Magdi Girgis and his wife were married in the 1980s in Egypt. They returned to the US to settle down and have their children, but their relationship soon spiraled out of control. Before it was all over, Magdi and even his two sons were under suspicion for the murder of their wife and mother, Ariet Girgis. They close out the show with a good respiratory therapist who has saved lives with CPR in the community on two separate occasions!


Good Hero Doctor Bad ER Doctor

July 23, 2019

This week Tina and Q tell the fascinating story of how an ER doctor in Canada was able to fool DNA testing for years. Dr. John Schneeberger was a doctor in a small province where he was idolized by the community. So when he was accused of sedating and sexually assaulting a patient no one believed his accuser...not even the DNA tests were on her side. They also tell about a patient who was arrested for go outside the hospital with an IV pole and a doctor who is the CNN hero of the year.


Good Pediatric Surgeon Bad Doctor Sam Sheppard

July 15, 2019

This week Tina and Q tell you the fascinating and controversial story of Dr. Sam Sheppard. Sheppard was a neurosurgeon accused of killing his wife in the 1950s. This story has inspired many movies, books, and countless articles due to the bizarre nature of her death and the events surrounding it. They also talk about an article that says decision fatigue is something doctors struggle with toward the end of the day. The good doctor story is sad but also inspiring. A Chicago pediatric surgeon sacrificed his own life so that two children could live.


Good Corrections Nurse Another Bad Corrections Nurse

July 3, 2019

This week Tina is joined by Jami of the First Do No Harm Podcast. They talk about a nurse working at a prison who fell in love with a prisoner. The only problem was...she was married. Was the death of her husband an unfortunate coincidence or did she make it happen in order to be with the man she loved? They discuss a good nurse who saved a correction officer's life when she intervened during an attack by an inmate.


Good Cardiologist Bad Endocrinologist

June 23, 2019

This week Q the Nurse is making a habit out of showing up on Good Nurse Bad Nurse and Tina is OK with that! They discuss the infuriating case of RaDonda Vaught, the Vanderbilt nurse who has been charged with reckless homicide and neglect of an elderly person for making a medication error. Then they dive into the bad doctor story of Timothy Striker, and endocrinologist whose girlfriend (who also happened to be a doctor) was found dead in the back seat of her car in the hospital parking lot. You won't believe the twists and turns this one has! They close out the show with an amazing story of a cardiologist who identified a professor giving a lecture as having a blood clot.


Good Doctor Bad Dr. Death

June 3, 2019

This week Tina and Christina give their spin on the Dr. Death story. This is the story of Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon who wreaked havoc on the state of Texas in the 18 months he spent doing surgery. They also discuss an emergency room doctor who saved the life of a teammate during a hockey game.


Good ER Nurse Bad SNF Nurse

May 24, 2019

This week Tina is joined by Nurse Keith of the Nurse Keith Show podcast. Keith and Tina talk about the tragic story of a nurse accused of ignoring a patient who was in distress. This prompts the discussion of charging nurses criminally for poor judgement or lack of compassion. They also talk about the nurse who ran a marathon in scrubs but was initially snubbed by the Guinness Book of World Records, because the uniform did not meet their criteria for a "nurse's uniform". Finally, they close out the show with an uplifting story of an ER nurse who literally gave a part of herself to a fellow nurse and coworker.


Good Samaritan Nurse Bad Fertility Nurse

May 14, 2019

This week Tina does a cross-over episode with Q the Nurse!! You all know him from YouTube and Instagram. Now you can hear him chat with Tina about a nurse who was loved at the fertility clinic where she worked, but was accused of an unthinkable crime at home. They also talk about a good nurse who risked her life by pulling over to help a police officer on the side of the road.


Good School Nurse Bad Corrections Nurse

May 6, 2019

Happy nurses week everyone! This week Christina and Tina tell you about a corrections nurse who at the very least made a horrible error in prioritizing and at the worst a fatal error in judgement! Listen as they tell the story of Carmon Brannon. They also talk about Elizabeth Warren's plan for student loan forgiveness and about a school nurse who isn't letting murdered women be forgotten!


Good Clinic Doctor Bad Doctor

April 22, 2019

This week Tina and Christina bring you a story of a doctor in Texas who was accused of killing another doctor for dating his ex-girlfriend. They also tell you the incredibly amazing story of a heroic doctor who saved a woman who was being kidnapped at gunpoint. The show opens up with a discussion about a nurse who is bringing a class action lawsuit against a hospital for not providing uninterrupted breaks.


Good Clinic Nurse Bad ICU Nurse

April 12, 2019

We have so much to tell you in this week's episode! Cynthia, our new social media manager and co-host joins Tina to talk about the terribly tragic story of Michelle Herndon's death. Michelle was a college student at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Then they tell the story of two nurses with a special bond who find each other again after 30 years. Listen to the end to hear Cynthia and Tina talk about nursing struggles and especially new grads! Don't forget to go check out our new website at goodnursebadnurse.com and take a look at our merchandise! Show Notes


Good Therapist Bad Psychologist

March 15, 2019

This week Tina is joined by Ryan, co-host of the hit podcast Pop Psych 101. Ryan helps Tina tell the disturbing and controversial story of Patricia Esparza. Patricia ultimately ends up being accused of murder after a series of events unfolds beginning with her being raped 17 years earlier. In addition to this, Ryan explains the difference between psychologists, therapists, counselors, and life coaches. They close the show with a discussion about Pop Psych 101 and what an interesting and useful podcast it is for anyone affected by mental health issues which, let's face it, is pretty much everyone! Show Notes


Good Astronaut Bad Resident

February 27, 2019

This week Tina is joined by Adrianne with Nursing Uncensored podcast to talk about the tragic case of Anthony Garcia, a medical resident accused of some heinous crimes. They also discuss Mae Jemison, the first Aftrican American woman to go into space who also happened to be a physician.


Good Nurse Mad Nurse

February 16, 2019

This week GNBN is welcoming Christina aboard as a new partner! In this special episode of Good Nurse Bad Nurse, Christina and Tina dive deep into the story of the Vanderbilt nurse who gave her patient a wrong medication and the patient ended up dying a few days later. This nurse is now being charged with reckless homicide and abuse of an impaired adult.


Good Flu Shot Bad Nurse

February 4, 2019

This week Tina is finally back after being knocked down by the flu! Listen as she and Christine with Antidotes Podcast talk about the importance of the flu shot. And of course you won't want to miss the fascinating story of Dr. Teresa Seiver's mysterious death. This one has a lot of bizarre twists and turns!


Good Pharmacist - The Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Bangladesh

January 23, 2019

This is a very unique episode with pharmacist, Heather Draper, working in the Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Bangladesh. If you have time please go to the Good Nurse Bad Nurse YouTube page and watch the amazing slideshow that goes with the audio.

A huge thank you to Ruth E. Kaiser for all of the wonderful photos she shared.

Music from https://filmmusic.io:
"River Fire" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
Licence: CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)


Good Nurse Bad Nurse with Careah Bell McPeek

December 29, 2018

This week Tina is joined by Careah Bell McPeek. Careah is the hilarious nurse who is trying to put a fitted sheet onto a $30,000 hospital bed in the video that had healthcare professionals laughing all over the world. Together they discuss the bazaar case of the nurse who tried to hire a hit-man on the dark web. They also discuss a wonderful nurse assistant from Mexico who volunteers to drive an ambulance each week to the border and helps people who are seeking asylum and need medical attention. Stick around after the show and hear Careah's beautiful song she wrote and sings about one of her patients. Have tissues ready!


Good War Hero Nurse Bad Travel Nurse

December 21, 2018

This week Tina is joined by Gemma, the co-host of the hit true crime podcast Which Murderer. They open up the show by discussing a nurse who was attacked in a psychiatric facility in Scottland. The bad nurse story is about Lucille McLaughlan and Deborah Parry, two nurses who were accused of killing Yvonne Gilford back in 1996 while working as travel nurses in Saudia Arabia. The controversial case received international attention and has lots of interesting twists and turns. Then you won't believe the amazing survival story of Vivian Statham who was a nurse during the second world war!


Bad Nurse Rebecca Fenton and Good Nurse Nina Ravey

December 11, 2018

This week Tina is joined by Cam, a medical receptionist and true crime enthusiast. Together they discuss two strange and controversial stories. The bad nurse story is about Rebecca Fenton who was accused of killing her husband and trying to stage it to look like a home invasion. The good nurse story this week is an unsolved mystery out of Jennings, Louisiana known as the "Jennings 8". They talk about Nina Ravey, a nurse practitioner who worked for the prison system and acted as a whistle-blower to some suspicious activity going on in the bayou.


Good Nurse Bad Hospitalist

November 27, 2018

This week listen as Tina talks to CNA and pre-nursing student Ty about bad former doctor, Shafeeq Sheikh, who was accused of sexually assaulting a hospitalized patient. They also discuss a veteran's administration nursing home who received a less than stellar review when visited by the federal government. Last they discuss a true hero of a nurse who risked his life and sacrificed his beloved Toyota Tundra truck to save the lives of his co-workers during the California wildfires.


Good Nurse Bad Nurse with Coffee and Jesus

November 19, 2018

This week Tina talks with Sandy from the Y'all Need Coffee and Jesus podcast. They discuss the bizarre story of Lana Sue Clayton, a South Carolina nurse who admits to killing her husband. Then they tell the sad but heroic story of Kharisma James, an army veteran and nurse who made the ultimate sacrifice for her children.


Good Radiologist Bad X-Ray Technologist

November 8, 2018

This week is dedicated to all things radiology! Tina has guest host Lindsey with her who is an x-ray technologist...not technician! Wait 'til you hear the story of Paul Bateson, the serial killer who appeared in the Exorcist before being caught! Also, we hear a fascinating story about Florence Ada Stoney, the UK's first female radiologist and what she had to endure being a female in medicine at that time.


Good Army Nurse Bad Nurse - Workplace Violence

October 31, 2018

This week's episode is an Antidotes Podcast episode where Tina appeared as a guest to discuss workplace violence and tell the truly amazing survival story of Katie Blanchard. Christine and Tina also tell personal stories of workplace violence and discuss the changes that need to be made in the healthcare field.


Good Army Nurse Bad Army Surgeon

October 18, 2018

This week come and listen to Tina do a crossover episode with Christine with Antidotes, Stories in Medicine Podcast! They chat about changes to the Gardesil vaccine in the news segment. Then Tina tells the story of military surgeon Jeffrey Macdonald from the 1980's movie Fatal Vision. Christine closes out the show with the wonderful story of Anna Mae Hays, the first female in the U.S. Armed Forces to be promoted to a General Officer rank!


Good Ophthalmologist Bad Ophthalmalogist

October 7, 2018

This week Tina is joined by Bre, a Certified Ophthalmology Assistant. They discuss a new device that helps people with dry eyes to form tears using nerve stimulation through the nose! Then Bre tells unbelievable story of an ophthalmologist who was accused of killing his business partner. Tina closes out the episode with a story about Charles Schepens, MD, an ophthalmologist who created the vitreoretinal subspecialty and also happened to be a WW2 spy!


Good Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Bad Navy Medic

September 28, 2018

This week the good nurse is also guest hosting the episode! Tina and Meg will discuss a nurse practitioner who writes children's books. Tina will tell the story of a navy medic who is an absolute monster! You won't believe how it ends! Then Meg will tell us about the amazing and wonderful program she works for helping children get the healthcare they need.


Good Pediatric Mental Health Nurse Bad Nurse

September 18, 2018

This week Tina chats with a neuro nurse, Amanda, who tells the horrifying story of Charles Cullen. Tina talks about a pediatic mental health nurse, Michael Ketterer from California who is currently a finalist on America's Got Talent. Listen to his amazing story and why he deserves to be called not only a good nurse but an amazing father and husband!


Good Nurse Bad Nurse London Episode

September 10, 2018

This week Sam is working hard on her master's degree so Tina is joined by a nurse from the UK! Jenny talks about the Royal College of Nursing being in hot water over pay raises. Then she goes on to tell the horrible story of Beverly Allitt, a pediatric nurse who had everyone fooled. Tina closes out the episode with the story of Edith Cavell, a nurse from World War 1 whose story of courage should never be forgotten.


Good Nurse Bad Physician Assistant Episode Twelve

August 26, 2018

This week Sam and Tina tell the SUPER FREAKIN CREEPY story of PA Lonnie Keith from Northern California. You won't believe what he did. They also discuss a good nurse who used her fight with breast cancer to help others. In the news is about the Mayo Clinic fighting back against a story presented on CNN claiming they had committed "medical kidnapping.


Good Nurse Bad Nurse Mini Episode NEW GRADS!

August 17, 2018

In the second mini episode, Sam and Tina talk all about the new grad nurse experience. They go over what to expect your first year and give some advice on how to survive this crucial time in your career!


Good Nurse Bad Nurse Episode Eleven

August 9, 2018

In this week's episode Sam and Tina discuss nurses going on strike in the news. Sam tells about Daniella Poggiali, a nurse who kills her patients then takes selfies with them. Tina tells about a nurse who made a tragic med error, but tries to use the situation to help others.


Work Place Bullying

August 5, 2018

On this very first mini episode Sam and Tina discuss bullying in the work place. Listen in as they talk about the major problem of nurse bullying and tell personal stories about their own experiences!


Good Nurse Assistant Bad Nurse Assistant Episode Ten

July 27, 2018

Welcome back Sam! This week Sam and Tina talk about the angels of patient care known as nursing assistants! There is discussion about a new law that allows nursing assistants to administer medication. Also, Sam tells the CREEPY story of Donald Harvey, a nursing assistant turned serial killer! Then the episode is closed out with discussion of CNA's and all about their important role in nursing.


Good Physical Therapist Bad Physical Therapist Episode Nine

July 17, 2018

This week Katelin is guest-hosting while Sam is still away. Katelin and Tina tell you a story about a dermatologist who got into big trouble after posting procedures on YouTube. Also, Tina tells the story of a physical therapist who was accused of a heinous crime against a co-worker who was a nurse. Katelin closes out the show with a story about a physical therapist who gave up her life in the U.S. to go help people in Vietnam.


Good Doctor Bad Doctor Episode Eight

July 9, 2018

This week Christina and Tina tell you the startling story of a nurse who was stabbed with a pen by a patient, the creepy story of the first American serial killer, Dr. H. H. Holmes, and the story of Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine!


Good Nurse Bad Nurse Episode Seven

July 3, 2018

This week on Good Nurse Bad Nurse we have a guest host, Christina, with us. She is sitting in for Sam who is getting her master's degree and is taking a few weeks off. Tina and Christina talk about a nurse who's husband was bitten by a decapitated snake! Tina tells the unique and perplexing story of Cindy James, a nurse who died mysteriously in the 1980's. Then Christina tells the amazing and fascinating story of Sojourner Truth, who was credited by some as being a nurse among the other truly courageous things she did!


Good Nurse Bad Nurse Episode Six

June 25, 2018

This week Sam and Tina tell you about a nurse who had to save himself when having a heart attack, a student nurse who was accused of poisoning her son with salt, and an unbelievable survival story of an ER nurse who fought back against her attacker!


Good Nurse Bad Nurse Episode Five

June 18, 2018

This week Sam tells us about Jeffrey Ballard, the 2018 Red Sox Nurse of the Year. Tina tells the story of Raynella Leath, a prominent nurse known as the "black widow". Then Sam talks about a nurse from India who made the ultimate sacrifice caring for her patients.


Good Nurse Bad Nurse Episode Four

June 11, 2018

This week Sam and Tina tell you stories a story about a nurse who had to treat himself when having a heart attack, a nurse imposter, and the amazing story of Mary Breckinridge, the nurse who started midwifery in the United States.


Good Nurse Bad Nurse Episode Three

June 4, 2018

This week Sam and Tina talk about nurse's week, Dirty John Meehan, and the original founder of nursing, Florence Nightingale.


Good Nurse Bad Nurse Episode Two

May 26, 2018

This week Sam and Tina talk about nurse's week, the shocking story of Genene Jones, a pediatric nurse from Texas, and the unbelieable story of a nurse who sacrificed herself and was held at gunpoint while at work.


Good Nurse Bad Nurse Episode One

May 20, 2018

In the very first episode of Good Nurse Bad Nurse, Sam and Tina will tell you about a neonatal intensive care unit nurse who developed a new device to help her patients, the wild story of Kristen Gilbert who was a crazy serial killer nurse, and a nurse who did chest compressions on an airplane.


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